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New Orleans Music Company Jammaround Announces Plan to Buy Music Catalogs from Independent Artists

NEW ORLEANS – Jammaround, a pioneering music rights management company based in New Orleans, is thrilled to announce its ambitious new initiative: The Jammaround Music Fund. This groundbreaking program aims to purchase music catalogs from talented independent artists, offering them a unique opportunity to monetize their music while continuing to earn revenue through a shared royalty system.

Empowering Independent Artists

The Jammaround Music Fund is specifically designed to support the independent music community by providing upfront payments for music assets. This initiative is not just about acquiring rights; it’s about forming a partnership with artists. Jammaround offers $25 for each beat and $50 for each full song, marking a significant investment in the creative output of independent musicians.

A Sustainable Revenue Model

Under this innovative model, Jammaround will retain 70% of the revenue generated from the licensed use of these assets, while artists will continue to earn a 30% share. This revenue-sharing approach ensures that artists benefit from ongoing compensation for their work, fostering a sustainable and supportive ecosystem for music creators.

Wide-Ranging Licensing Opportunities

The acquired music will be leveraged across various platforms and media outlets, offering extensive market reach and exposure for the artists. Jammaround plans to utilize these assets in diverse licensing opportunities, including synchronization in TV, films, and advertising, as well as streaming services.

Commitment to Artist Growth and Development

Brent Craige, CEO of Jammaround, emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting and nurturing the growth of independent artists: “We are not just acquiring music; we are investing in the talent and future of independent artists. Our goal is to provide a platform where artists can see their work reach new heights while being fairly compensated.”

Submission and Review Process

Interested artists can submit their music directly through the Jammaround platform, which has been designed for ease of submission and review. The company encourages all independent artists looking for new opportunities to monetize their music to participate in this exciting new venture.

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About Jammaround

Jammaround, headquartered in New Orleans, is a leader in music rights management and technology. With its innovative .jamm file format and robust platform, Jammaround is redefining how music rights are managed, shared, and monetized, making it an essential partner for artists and music industry professionals alike.

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