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BJ So Cole and DJ Rari Team Up for “Pop It,” the Next Big Bounce Anthem

New Orleans, the birthplace of bounce music, is witnessing the rise of a new collaboration that’s setting the scene ablaze. BJ So Cole, fresh off the success of “Pump It Up,” has teamed up with DJ Rari, a young and promising DJ from New Orleans, to release “Pop It.” This track is quickly becoming the summer’s hottest bounce anthem, showcasing the talents of both artists and their commitment to revitalizing the fun, inclusive spirit of bounce music.

“Pop It” is not just a follow-up to BJ’s earlier hit; it’s a declaration of what’s possible when fresh talent and established creativity merge. The song is infused with the classic bounce rhythm and laced with innovative beats, making it impossible to stay still when it comes on. It perfectly captures BJ’s aim to create music that’s enjoyable for everyone, from kids to adults. “I’m really just bringing the fun to bounce music again, clean music, fun dancing music for everyone,” BJ So Cole says about his approach to making music that’s welcoming for all listeners.

The partnership between BJ So Cole and DJ Rari represents a significant moment in the bounce music scene. While BJ brings his knack for catchy, family-friendly hits, DJ Rari introduces a youthful energy and cutting-edge sound that together promise to elevate New Orleans bounce to new heights. This collaboration is more than just a song; it’s a movement towards making bounce music that gets everyone dancing, proving once again that this genre has something for everyone.

With “Pop It,” BJ So Cole and DJ Rari are not just making waves; they’re building bridges, showing the world the unifying power of bounce music. As this anthem takes over the summer, it’s clear that these two artists are on a fast track to becoming the new faces of bounce music, making it accessible and enjoyable for fans of all ages.


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