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Emerging Artist WHOTFISMAR Announces First Single from Upcoming Project WHOLIGAN MUSIC VOL. 1 (Music Video)

New Orleans, LA – New Orleans-based artist WHOTFISMAR is excited to announce the release of the first single from his upcoming project, “WHOLIGAN MUSIC VOL. 1.” Known for his distinctive blend of singing and rapping, WHOTFISMAR is not just a musician but a true creator, handling every aspect of his craft from recording and mixing music to designing cover art and occasionally editing his own music videos.

A Unique Sound from The Big Easy

WHOTFISMAR brings a fresh and genuine sound to the New Orleans music scene. His commitment to authenticity and hands-on approach to his work makes his music not just heard but felt, resonating with listeners who value real, heartfelt music. His ability to blend different genres into a coherent, appealing sound sets him apart in a city known for its rich musical heritage.

DIY Ethic in the Music Industry

In an industry increasingly dominated by large labels and mass-produced music, WHOTFISMAR stands out by doing it all himself. This DIY ethic not only showcases his multitude of talents but also ensures that every piece of his music and its presentation is deeply personal and true to his artistic vision.


WHOTFISMAR is a singer and rapper from New Orleans, known for his unique sound and real, unfiltered approach to music. He records and mixes all his own music, creates his own cover art, and occasionally edits his own videos, presenting a multifaceted talent that promises to make waves with his upcoming project, WHOLIGAN MUSIC VOL. 1.


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