Assessing Saints’ Trust in Trevor Penning at Right Tackle: Future Roster Decisions Unclear

Assessing Saints' Trust in Trevor Penning at Right Tackle: Future Roster Decisions Unclear

The New Orleans Saints’ plans for their offensive line saw Brandon Brown step in as the starter, one of several changes made amidst injuries and subpar performances.

“Whatever works, right?”

The Saints began the game with an improved focus on the O-line for the 2020 NFL season. The team’s overall physical and performance improvements were evident. Penning’s contributions had been beneficial, aiming to enhance the offensive line amid circumstances beyond expectations.

“I think all of that stuff the offseason,” Saints general manager Mickey Loomis reflected on what went behind these changes. The team is still figuring out the best fit for their roster as they shape up for the season.

Current roster includes:
* Erik McCoy
* Ryan Ramczyk
* James Hurst
* Landon Young
* Calvin Throckmorton

The burning question remains: “How much do the Saints actually trust Trevor Penning?”

The Saints had previously considered alternative options. However, the strategy involved placing Penning in key games, ensuring he’s ready before making a long-term decision.

Penning faced significant performance pressure but showed potential. Despite last season’s not fully utilizing his talent, the shift to include Penning onboard was potentially rewarding. This move displays the Saints’ tactical adaptation and readiness to face future games.

Penning’s impact and development over time could very well influence future roster decisions.

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