Boss Status! Founder of Cali Events talks brand goals, Cali Girls, and MORE! [Interview]

Here at Newtral Groundz, we pride ourself in giving a voice to those who have worked hard and tirelessly to grow their brand and community. New Orleans is home to some of the hardest working and creative people in the nation.

Last week we caught up with one of the young bosses in the city for a quick interview. She is the owner of the well known event planning company Cali Events. She’s known for having waves of models that support her every move, and has leveraged every opportunity given to her. Cali Events has worked with some of the biggest names in Louisiana like NBA Young Boy, and Rude Jude. What we admire most about her is the fact that she is completely self-made!

Check out our talk with Calandra McMaster, founder of Cali Events below!

Newtral Groundz: For those who may not know you, what’s your name and what part of New Orleans are you from?

Cali Events: My name is Calandra McMaster, and I’m from New Orleans East.

Newtral Groundz: So your brand Cali Events is a great concept! How’d you think of the idea?

Cali Events: It actually happened accidentally. I’m really big on birthdays and celebrations. I started with my own my birthday party throwing it once a year. The event was a success so club promoters and owners reached out to me to promote their club nights. I decided to become a promoter myself after I saw how much they were making, then I quit my job lol.

Newtral Groundz: What type of events do you throw?

Cali Events: I throw themed parties, and community events!

Newtral Groundz: What inspired you to incorporate Cali Girls into your business model?

Cali Events: Nothing really, I always had girls who volunteered to do the things I needed them to do as far as catering to guests, dressing up in themed outfits, and turning up. So I decided to make them an official team and pay them.

Newtral Groundz: Are there any women in entrepreneurship that you look up to?

Cali Events: No I don’t look up to anyone. ?

Newtral Groundz: How do you feel the New Orleans bounce culture has helped your brand?

Cali Events: Bounce helps me with promotions for my events with videos consisting of A LOT of dancing! My Instagram page really helps with my marketing. I love a good ole beat so the parties be extra littttt! ???

Newtral Groundz: What are some events you are currently planning?

Cali Events: I’m currently working my birthday party August 4th, The Second Annual All White Party, and a party for Halloween on October 28th. We are going with The Great Gatsby theme!

Newtral Groundz: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Cali Events: I see myself with my own bar and lounge, as well as a kids venue to throw kids parties!

Make sure you get tickets to a Cali event. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed! Let us know what you think about the interview in the comments below!


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