WOLV3S ONLY to Unveil Groundbreaking Multimedia Experience This Summer

New Orleans-based multimedia brand, WOLV3S ONLY, is set to revolutionize the entertainment landscape with a unique fusion of film, music, and literature. Spearheaded by an innovative approach to multimedia storytelling, WOLV3S ONLY will host a major performance event this summer that promises to captivate audiences worldwide.

Founded on the pillars of creativity and vision, WOLV3S ONLY encompasses a film company, a record label, and a book publishing firm. This summer’s event will seamlessly integrate these elements, offering an immersive experience that showcases talent across multiple artistic disciplines.

The upcoming performance will serve not only as a celebration of the arts but also as a launchpad for WOLV3S ONLY to become an international brand. With a commitment to pushing creative boundaries, the brand aims to create a lasting impact that resonates globally.

Attendees of the summer event can expect a spectacular display of narratives that intertwine the visual, auditory, and literary arts, crafting a holistic and engaging experience. The highlight of the event will be the exclusive premiere of new works produced by WOLV3S ONLY, including thrilling cinematic pieces, compelling literary publications, and captivating musical performances.

To get a taste of the innovative artistry that WOLV3S ONLY brings to the table, the public is invited to listen to the song “I Know,” available now. This track exemplifies the creative spirit and dynamic energy that WOLV3S ONLY will bring to its summer event.

Stay tuned for more details on the event’s date, venue, and how to participate in this groundbreaking celebration of multimedia art.


WOLV3S ONLY is a New Orleans-based multimedia brand that integrates film production, record label operations, and book publishing under one roof. With a focus on innovation and creative storytelling, WOLV3S ONLY is dedicated to producing high-quality content that entertains, inspires, and resonates on a global scale.


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