Not a dry eye out there: CEO of the Crayon Case and Watch My Smoke ENT @Supa_Cent gets engaged at her business festival! [MUST SEE]

Supa’s story needs to be in lights!

There aren’t many social media influencers who have successfully monetized their audience into real dollars. A lot of social media stars are stuck getting a few dollars for promo, selling t-shirts, or making minor appearances. Sup on the other hand has managed to take her social media stardom and convert it into big business.

Supa has been working on the Crayon Case for about a year now. She didn’t go to college, so everything she learned came from experience. Supa is an inspiration to millions, she showed us that anything is possible with hard work and diligence. She is a mascot for black girl magic, and a hometown hero.

Yesterday at the one year anniversary of her cosmetic line, her long time boyfriend Lou decided to change their lives for the better. He secretly rounded up her friends orchestrated the proposal. Although it rained yesterday, Supa’s heart was shinning when she turned around and saw Lou on one knee.

We are happy for the new union forming between the power couple, and wish them all the best. Check out the videos from yesterday and grab a tissue before you do?

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