DJ Jubilee still shouting “Do Ya Thang Girl”

DJ Jubilee’s “Do Ya Thang Girl” a constant reminder of where Bounce originated

Today, we have been witnessing the rise of bounce music on a bigger platform than just the streets of New Orleans. With Drake’s recent release of “Nice for What” and “In My Feelings”, people all around are beginning to pay more attention to what we in New Orleans know as Bounce Music. From the looks of what we saw during the viral #kekechallenge, people are starting to feel dat bounce beat, all with a bend of the knees.

For us in New Orleans, we never let a bounce beat pass without shaking that ass.Take a few minutes out of your day to reflect on one of DJ Jubilee’s most memorable videos, “Do Ya Thang Girl.” What’s most notable to you from this classic by DJ Jubilee? Could it be the the front runners of male bounce dancers following Jubilee’s lead? Or maybe that ‘Phat’ symbol below. Let us know!



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