Revolver a film by CJ Wallis starring Curren$y, T.Y., Young Juve, and Lil Soulja Slim

The Jet Life team pulled off a classic when they teamed up with the new hopefuls out of New Orleans.

Revolver is a mixtape by New Orleans Jet Life founder Curren$y. The mixtape was produced by Sledgren, and features smooth classic records.

CJ Wallis put together a movie for the project featuring a plethora of New Orleans talent. The movie was narrated by Fiend, and appearances were made by T.Y., Young Juve, Lil Soulja Slim, Fendi P, Mousa, Mr. Marcel, Le$, and Dj Duffy.

We highly recommend you check this film out! A great way to start your day off!


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