“Dear New Orleans”: Visual Artist Ceaux Young to Present One Of His Most Endearing Art Shows Yet

“Dear New Orleans”…

Courtney Buckley, ‘Co’, is short for Courtney, but who is ‘Ceaux’? It wasn’t until he was a teenager that he saw ‘Geaux Saints’ on the front of his grandmother’s calendar that he became intrigued by geaux versus go. Asking his grandmother what that meant, she responded, “Geaux is the French spelling for Go”. And now Co is Ceaux.

But to Courtney, who is Ceaux?

“In all aspects, Ceaux is a team player, a facilitator. He is someone who’s not afraid to take a leadership role here and there,” says Ceaux.

Born in New Orleans, Ceaux has since blossomed into a multi-talented visual artist: a painter, tattoo artist, graffiti artist, music producer [Professor Bling], muralist, father, and the list could go on. Known mostly for his vibrant culture-based artwork displayed around the city of New Orleans, Ceaux is one of a kind. For the last six months, Ceaux has been preparing for his upcoming ‘one of a kind’ art show entitled “Dear New Orleans”. Having seen Ceaux’s previous work, it is without a doubt this art show is one for the books. 

Born with a love for the arts, I have been lucky enough to get to know Ceaux. He gave me a chance to creep a little further into his creative mind to learn more about what we can expect from his upcoming art show “Dear New Orleans”. Check out the highlights from our interview below:

NG: Firstly, why do you love New Orleans?

Ceaux: I love New Orleans because of the variety of its cultural history, spanning back to our settlers and into the lives of the New Orleans community today. Everyone who previously migrated here has contributed to our culture in some type of way. That’s what makes New Orleans the city it is today.

NG: “Dear New Orleans” – Give me some insight into your mind when coming up with this concept.

Ceaux: To “Personify New Orleans”. Not New Orleans just as a place, its landscape, architecture, or history, but as a scene. I want the New Orleans community to feel united and proud together. Not only proud of the culture they were individually raised in, but proud of their neighbor’s culture, too. I want everyone to appreciate one another through my art. We should celebrate one another’s culture and take the chance to learn about someone else’s life.

NG: What do you want your viewers to take away from this art show?

Ceaux: An experience, almost like talking to an old friend. I want people to be intrigued enough to want to learn about the residential side of the city. People usually focus on commercial appeal. I want people to dig deep into one another’s cultural hearts.

NG: What does your upcoming art show “Dear New Orleans” mean to you?

Ceaux: To me, “Dear New Orleans” represents a conversation I’m having with my “younger-self” with hopes of turning people to their younger-selves. It’s almost like a spiritual reach, enabling me to talk to people through my art and allow them to reflect on themselves.

NG: What do you hope your upcoming art show “Dear New Orleans” will mean for New Orleans?

Ceaux: I want everyone to feel united. I want everyone to be proud of their cultural background, but also take the time to appreciate others. Take the time to learn something about someone; reach out to someone you don’t know that is a part of your community. Everyone is always about themselves, and with this art show, it’s time to put your own story away and reflect on another’s.

NG: Lastly, describe your style of artwork, specifically with these pieces.

Ceaux: I like to take the “everyday person of figure” and put it into a universal space.

Like with most of his pieces, it’s clear that Ceaux will tell the story of New Orleans through his art. Except this time, we’re taking two steps back and three steps forward with a blind but nostalgic story through Ceaux’s younger-self.

“Dear New Orleans,” will take place from October 6th to the 16th, available for viewing daily from 11 am to 6 pm at Axiom Art Gallery. The opening reception for the show will take place Saturday, October 6 from 6-10 pm.

Axiom is located at 4613 Freret Street. In addition to the thirteen pieces that will be displayed, and all for sale, smaller reproductions including prints and merchandise will be available.

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