Master P. opens up Burger Joint in New Orleans called Big Poppa Burgers!

New Orleans music and business mogul Master P. has a new venture, and it’s in his hometown of New Orleans!

We all know Master P. as the legend from New Orleans who did the impossible in the music industry almost 20 years ago. P also broke records recently for the second installment of I Got the Hook-Up 2 released this year in theatres. Now he’s getting into the burger game?

His new restaurant Big Poppa Burger is located in Harvey on the Westbank and it looks very promising! Master P. has received a lot of backlash for not giving back to the community of New Orleans like the citizens felt he should. This burger spot is a great way to reconnect with the community while providing a much-needed service in an underdeveloped area.

One of the main things I admire about Master P. is the fact that he keeps coming up with new ideas. He isn’t the type of person to sit on one idea in hopes that it blows up. He likes to divide his eggs into multiple baskets increasing his chances of success. We saw that with the large No Limit roster he put together back in the day, and we are seeing it now with his business ventures. Master P. understands that as a businessman you need to have your hand in a lot of different pots to make a profit. This is why you see him pushing Sugar Skull Rum, on the Moneyatti’s. It’s all about building a diverse portfolio of ownership. We can learn a lot from the Master.

If you supported the Popeyes chicken sandwich we need to see you in the drive-through for Big Poppa Burgers!


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