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AllTheRavee explores “A Mystical Evening” by Visual Artist Janae Hurst

“I’m thankful for the lessons, I’m thankful for being ale to educate so many people at once”

Janae Hurst is a 23 year old artist from New Orleans LA, who works specifically in fashion and visuals. Hurst used her talents to put on a solo fashion showcase entitled “A Mystical Evening” back in December. 

The showcase was held on December 7, 2019 exactly one year after her award winning showcase at Canal Place. Hurst was a member of Canal Place Style Board where her designs won “Best in Show” and ”Audience Favorite” for Dress Fete showcase back in 2018. From that she sought out a solo route. 

So what was it that sparked Hurst interest in producing “A Mystical Evening” for the city of New Orleans? She elaborates on it,

“The motivation came from a beautiful sequence of events from my personal experiences here in New Orleans and it was all tied together at Material Institute, where I opted out of doing the school’s showcase to continue research for my garments eventually lead me to producing a solo exhibit.”

AllTheRavee: Before we hop into all the details about your showcase, with your great vision and fashion expertiste-what’s your process for putting a design into action? 

“This is a great question because Im just starting to become aware of my individual design process. Usually it begins with the topic—> moodboard —> research on a topic—> wall post it with goals and emotions I want the garment to exude—> sourcing of materials—> more research—> constructing of the garments—> **More research**—> finishing touches—> presentation.”

AllTheRavee: “A Mystical Evening” was centered around a unique piece worn by model, K.Tanner. Elaborate on your motivation behind this piece:

“My motivation and vision behind this design was New Orleans. New Orleans has gifted me with a plethora of experiences. This year particularly, starting March 5, 2019 during Mardi Gras , when fabric was thrown at me on St. Charles Ave during the truck parades. The fabric was used for the tignon (head wrap).” 

Mardi Gras season can be a great use of motivation for artist in the New Orleans. Aside from Mardi Gras parades, artist usually take interest in other events like St. Jospeh Night to gain inspiration. Hurst used just that to add on to her showcase. “Weeks after, I met a group of women garbed in all white on St. Josephs Night on St. Bernard Ave who inspired the colors of the garment.”

AlltheRavee: There was a section entitled Noir ‘N Nola at your showcase how did this contribute to your piece?

“I read a newly posted article about something called a “Tignon Law” on Cierra Chenier’s Noir n Nola. Noir n Nola was 1/2 of the inspiration for this garment. Cierra Chenier wrote her article on Tignon Laws that took place here in New Orleans centuries ago. It was a law that made it illegal for black women to wear their own hair to in public. I wanted to teach people about these laws during the exhibit because this is a piece of New Orleans history that isn’t on the forefront of the history classes in schools.”

The love of New Orleans history and culture gave Hurst a compelling story behind “A Mystical Evening”.  She plans on continuing her drive for art and fashion in the city of New Orleans by educating New Orleanians on Nola history. Moving forward she says, “There aren’t any concrete plans. Just prayer. I want to walk in my purpose with hopes to expose new ideas and research in ways that has never been seen before leaving people educated and inspired.” 

Stay tuned for upcoming things from Janae as she has more things up her sleeves!

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