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The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in New Orleans in 2020

When you think about dangerous hoods in New Orleans the classics always come to mind. What most people don’t realize is that many of those hoods don’t exist anymore. Places like the Magnolia Projects, the St. Bernard, and St. Thomas were torn down after Hurricane Katrina.

One would assume that the end of those hoods would lead to a drop in crime but that’s far from the truth. A lot of those residents were displaced to other parts of the city which led to a new generation of dangerous hoods in New Orleans. In this video, we will dive into the top 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in New Orleans. This list was created by Areavibes and is 100% accurate. We will then explain which Wards are the most dangerous based on the top 10. You’re now watching the most dangerous hoods in New Orleans 2020 presented by Newtral Groundz.

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10. Venetian Isles

Now the 10th entry on our list is a neighborhood that many locals don’t know about. This is because the Venetian Isles are located west of Chef Menteur Highway. The Venetian Isles are mostly uninhabited due to its location. Legally a part of the city, Venetian Isles is separated from the bulk of the developed portion of the city by miles of undeveloped land. In the past, it had the appearance of a small fishing town. In the late 20th century it saw development as a suburban-style bedroom community. The Venetian Isles are home to around 980 New Orleanians. Crime in the Venetian Isles is 314% higher than the National Average and 60% higher than the New Orleans average.

9. Desire

The Desire is one of the more popular hoods on this list. The Desire is also one of the few hoods to make this list in the 90s and today. This is an area that has a long history that we briefly covered in another video. The Desire is located in the 9th Ward and is home to a little over 2,600 people. Violent crime in the Desire is 383% over the national average and has 60% more crime than New Orleans.

8. Lower 9th Ward

The next area on the list is the Lower 9th Ward. The Lower Ninth Ward is a neighborhood of the U.S city of New Orleans. It is part of the 9th Ward of New Orleans. The Lower Ninth Ward is often thought of as the entire area within New Orleans downriver of the Industrial Canal; however, the City Planning Commission divides this area into the Lower Ninth Ward and Holy Cross neighborhoods. The lower 9th Ward is home to 3,600 people and is 265% over the national average. There is also 60% more crime in the Lower 9 than the entire city.

7. West Lake Forest

West Lake Forest is an area in New Orleans East that most people would consider is a decent place to own a home. I was even surprised when I saw this location pop up on the list. West Lake Forest is home to 4,200 people and has 73% more crime than New Orleans. This area is also 423% over the national violent crime average. This is an example of displaced residents corrupting communities.

6. Pines Village

Pines Village is another new entry to the list. This area is located in New Orleans East around Downman. If you thought any of the above entries were bad you’ve never been to Pine Village. Pines Village is home to 3,100 New Orleanians with a crime rate that’s 89% over the New Orleans average. With a violent crime rating that’s 469% over the national average, it’s understandable why they are number 6 on the list.

5. Saint Claude

We are half way down the list and Saint Claude is the hood. Saint Claude is one of the larger areas on the list with around 6,500 residents. This is also the first hood on the list with a crime average 100% more than New Orleans. It also towers over the national average by 388%.

4. Florida Area

The next hood on the list is historically notorious for being a dangerous area in New Orleans. In 1994 the Florida Projects and the Desire Projects were named the most dangerous housing developments in the country. Although the Desire calmed down a bit the Florida area is currently 105% over the cities crime average. The Florida area is also 296% over the national average with a little over 1,400 residents.

3. Seventh Ward

Number 3 on the list is a little confusing to me. I don’t get why they would group the entire 7th ward into one category but let’s get on with it. We have an entire documentary on the 7th Ward dropping at the end of the month and I’ll link it here when it’s out. This area is the second largest area in New Orleans with a rich and dark history. There are over 10,000 residents in the 7th ward with a crime rate 112% over the New Orleans average. Violent crime is 539% over the national average which is somewhat understandable considering the large population.

2. Saint Roch

Saint Roch located in the 8th Ward also is filled with a lot of polarizing history. This area has a population of 6,398 with a crime rate that’s also 112% over the city’s average. The total crime rate is 365% higher than the national average making it #2 on our list.

1. Central City New Orleans

Number one on our list is of course Central City. Central City is a neighborhood of the city of New Orleans. It is located at the lower end of Uptown, just above the New Orleans Central Business District, on the “lakeside” of St. Charles Avenue. This isn’t surprising due to the fact that it has been number one for decades. This is the most populated area with over 13,000 residents. The crime rate is 121% over the local average and 420% over the national average. Violent crime is 566% over the national average making this placement very logical.

Check out the full list revealing 11-20 on our website in the description. Hope you enjoyed the video and let me know if I should do more New Orleans themed countdowns. I’ll put a list of potential options on the screen for you to choose from. Let me know what you think in the comments. Also, don’t forget to use the NOLAHOODS promo code for 20% off our custom deck of New Orleans playing cards. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like share and subscribe!

11-20 (Bonus)

If you watched our YouTube video I promised to put 11-20 on our website so here is the list! I will be provided stat details in part 2 of our video!

11. Holy Cross

12. Tulane-Gravier

13. Gert Town

14. Marigny

15. Treme Lafitte

16. Behrman

17. Saint Thomas

18. Mid-City

19. Fischer Dev

20. Whitney


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