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Meet Xavier Hilaire, The 19 Year Old That Unified Spiritual Healing and Timeless Fashion.

Xavier Hilaire is a 19-year-old entrepreneur who has brought together spiritual healing and fashion through the creation of his brand, Out Of Body. In 2020, Hilaire experienced a traumatic year as he contracted COVID and suffered a 3rd degree heart blockage, leading to hospitalization and a significant loss of muscle mass. Despite this, he recovered and returned to physical activity, but suffered further injuries including a torn ACL and broken leg.

While recovering, Hilaire decided to start a clothing brand that would connect to people’s emotions and minds through its meaning. The brand, launched in 2021, faced challenges in its early stages, but gained significant traction after Hilaire was able to speak with radio host Tony Woods in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Since then, Out Of Body has shipped to thousands of customers across the country and Hilaire’s goal is to turn the brand into a multi-generational, heartwarming story.



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