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New Orleans Tech Founder Drew Hebert Launches Pressure Vision, a Motivational Video Sharing App

Drew Hebert, a tech entrepreneur based in New Orleans, has just released his latest creation: Pressure Vision, a video sharing app that aims to inspire and motivate its users to achieve their goals and dreams. Similar to TikTok in format, Pressure Vision is exclusively dedicated to motivational content, featuring short videos of people sharing their personal stories, insights, and strategies for success.

With Pressure Vision, Hebert hopes to tap into the growing demand for motivational content and create a unique niche in the crowded social media landscape. He believes that his app’s focus on positivity and personal growth will set it apart from other video sharing platforms and attract a loyal following of users.

As Hebert looks to the future, he envisions Pressure Vision as more than just a video sharing app. He sees it as a community of people who are committed to supporting each other and making a positive impact in the world.

Check out our full interview with Drew on the Brand Bayou!


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