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Meet the New Orleans Start-up that’s Building the Carta for the Music Industry: Jammaround

New Orleans, 07/24/2023 – Music artists and creators worldwide now have a groundbreaking solution to revolutionize the way they manage their music rights. Jammaround, a New Orleans-based start-up, is changing the game with its innovative platform designed to streamline music rights management, providing artists with the tools they need to protect, monetize, and collaborate on their creative works.

With music creation at an all-time high and the industry experiencing rapid growth, managing music rights has become more critical than ever before. Mismanaged metadata and complex licensing processes often lead to unclaimed royalties, causing financial losses for artists and stakeholders. Jammaround’s visionary platform addresses this problem by offering a robust ecosystem that empowers artists and rights holders to efficiently track, protect, and monetize their music assets.

Jammaround’s core feature, the JAMM file format, serves as a foundation for the platform’s comprehensive capabilities. Similar to how PDF files revolutionized document sharing and MP3 files transformed digital audio, the JAMM file liquifies music composition data, making it versatile and accessible across various applications and systems. This unique file format allows artists and administrators to create, manage, and transact music assets securely and efficiently, facilitating seamless collaboration between stakeholders.

The platform’s collaborative songwriting workspace fosters real-time creative collaboration, enabling artists, songwriters, and producers to work together regardless of their physical location. By integrating essential features such as ownership tracking, approvals, and document generation, Jammaround empowers music creators to focus on their art while simplifying the complex aspects of music rights management.

Jammaround’s mission extends beyond just providing a comprehensive platform. The start-up aims to launch the first music private equity exchange, changing the way music is valued and monetized. By securitizing music assets through the JAMM file, the platform aims to increase liquidity and efficiency in the music industry, opening up new possibilities for artists and investors alike.

As the first of its kind, Jammaround is making waves in the music industry, attracting attention from artists, managers, labels, and investors worldwide. Grammy Award-winning artist PJ Morton, a member of Maroon 5 and a successful solo artist, is among the company’s early investors and supporters. They also made national news when the team was selected to participate in the a16z TxO accelerator program.

“We believe that empowering music creators with the right tools is essential for the industry’s growth and sustainability,” said Brent Craige, CEO and Co-founder of Jammaround. “Our platform is designed to provide artists with the freedom to focus on their creativity while ensuring their music rights are protected and monetized effectively.”

With its innovative vision and commitment to empowering music creators, Jammaround is poised to become the go-to platform for music rights management, making it the Carta for the music industry.

About Jammaround: Jammaround is a New Orleans-based music equity management platform that empowers music creators and administrators to streamline their music rights. With its innovative JAMM file format, Jammaround revolutionizes the way music assets are managed, enabling artists to protect, monetize, and collaborate on their creative works. The platform’s comprehensive features and collaborative workspace make it an essential tool for music creators in the digital age.

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