700 Degreez of The Grotto Dwn Blw [SUMO, 7¢ Herm & CashMoneyChip]

SUMO, 7¢ Herm & CashMoneyChip release their latest Project ‘700 Degreez Due East’

Whether you’re a New Orleans rap fan or not, it’s no doubt you’re familiar with one of the most hard-hitting artists to come out of the Nolia: Juvenile. With his release of 400 Degreez in 1998, it is said to be one of the most influential albums for New Orleans at that time. To date, it’s no surprise that artists in New Orleans look to Juvenile for their own musical influence.

In an attempt to pay homage to New Orleans’ own legends Juvie and Mannie Fresh, the New Orleans Trio,The Grotto Dwn Blw, has released their latest album ‘700 Degreez Due East’. All New Orleans natives, The Grotto is a collection of New Orleans creatives; At the forefront: 7¢ HermCashMoneyChip, and SUMO.

All friends since their childhood, the members of The Grotto speak to New Orleans and its community. Previously 7ARC, the group has since transformed into a man-made management company, tagging themselves as The Grotto Dwn Blwn. On the vocals are 7¢ Herm and CashMoneyChipp, with SUMO on the beats and production. With the emphasis on “7”, all things ‘The Grotto’ is reflected within the group. If you’re not familiar with members of the group, expect mixed melodies from SUMO, legendary lyrics from 7¢ Herm, and that cash-money heat from Chip.

I was able to catch up with some members of the group to get more insight behind their concept and vision of ‘700 Degreez Due East’. As previously mentioned, the main influence of this album came from their love for Juvenile’s 400 Degreez. Getting more technical, it is important to highlight another huge influence on the album: Mannie Fresh. Still killing the game today, beats flow through Mannie Fresh’s veins and into our ears. Their ultimate goal with this album, outside of producing good music, is to appeal to their own generation, providing them with their 700 degree twist on 400 Degreez.

“It’s always important to keep your fans close to you; we want to sound different than everyone.”

Prior to the release of this entire project, they dropped a single “700º E“, including some dope visuals for the video, shot by New Orleans own Dominic Scott.  Be sure to check out the video below, and, without a doubt, check out 700 Degreez Due East, available below through soundcloud. Also be on the lookout for the announcement of their album release party.

Hit us back and let us know if you feel Juvie’s 400 Degreez vibe amongst the Grotto!


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