Jakk Jo Graduate’s with Video for his Newest single

Jakk Jo has once again proved that you can bring the vintage sound of New Orleans hip-hop into 2019. 

Jakk Jo’s latest single “Graduated” was already gaining attention, so it’s no shocker that the accompanying visual keep’s that same drive going.Jakk defines the term “Graduated” as “someone using a more powerful drug then before or someone who has moved from a lower level to a higher level by making more money.” Jakk Jo lets his audience know some of his goals and ambitions as he raps “I gotta shine, get my momma in the burbs/ Get my N***** out the slums”.

With a mouth full of golds Jakk Jo spits “ They tryna steal a N**** culture, had to take it back”. One might assume he refers to rapper’s from other states and cities frequently using New Orleans original styles of rapping. With this being only an appetizer from the main course that will be Jakk Jo’s newest project “Wohday Musik5” a series that hasn’t seemed to miss yet. Do you feel that Jakk Jo’s music has reached a new level with this “Graduated” video? Everybody give his newest effort an ear and let us know what you think of it?

The producer of the song”s instagram jag is @JmonBeatz 

Directed by The Mind of Jay.C Evans 

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