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New Orleans Businessman Brandon Harrison Started His Own Free Music Streaming Platform Global Sound Station!

We are always looking for new innovations in music and technology. Global Sound Station is definitely worth checking out!

The biggest problem that recording artists face in today’s game is getting their music heard. There are so many artists it’s hard to develop an organic base without being consistent. Global Sound Station is an application designed to make that process easier.

Global Sound Station was created for hip hop fans who want to discover and listen to new music. Each artist is categorized by state which makes it easy to identify the different sounds of the nation. I was recently watching a video on Master P talking about the importance of ownership in the black community, and this is a perfect example of that! We need to own more so that our future generations will be taken care of. Generational wealth is the goal and I salute Brandon for taking that next step.

Make sure y’all check out the site at

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