New Orleans Rapper Cam Gotti’s New Project “Gotti Season” Is On Point!

Cam Gotti and Fam First Records put a lot of energy into “Gotti Season” and it shows!

New Orleans has a very tight nit music culture. If you look at it closely you’ll see that a lot of artists, engineers, and DJs work together in the city to produce quality work. A perfect example of this is the project put together by Cam Gotti and his team Fam First Records.

This project is full of New Orleans talent. WeedJunky & ZoeWithDaFlow are a couple artists featured along with Gemellus. DJ Hektik a New Orleans legend stamped the project so you know it’s official!

Check out the project now available on all streaming platforms. Also check out his new video featuring Gemellus “21 Questions”. You won’t be disappointed!


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