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Guns Down, Gloves Up: How I Really Feel About New Orleans Trenchboxing.

There’s a new trend in New Orleans centered around underground street fights, and TrenchBoxing is to thank for it.

Underground street fights are nothing new under the sun. But I have to tip my hat to local entrepreneur @HustleManLLC for orchestrating and producing something that is becoming a staple in New Orleans. In this article, I am going to talk about what introduced me to TrenchBoxing and the place that I think they have in the city of New Orleans.

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When I got the call about the first fight that took place in a parking garage downtown I had to respectfully decline. There was something about being in an enclosed space with that much testosterone that just didn’t sit right with me. Fight #1 featured local New Orleans residents @BNC_P90 and @Chizzletyson7. The fight reminded me of a scene in “Blood Sport”. No ring, no mat; just two locals slugging it out for the crowd. The videos of the fight circulated like wildfire. Every major blog was talking about how New Orleans started its own version of the Kumite.

Fast forward one week later and TrenchBoxing matches are happening pretty much every day. The venue was upgraded, fighters were profiled for better matchups, and the crowd just kept growing. One of the things that I love about Trenchboxing is the fact that it’s giving our youth an alternative to the streets. Gun violence in New Orleans is a serious matter and Trenchboxing surprisingly has provided an alternative for our youth to blow off some steam. The quality of the event improved dramatically over the last week. So much so, that we’ve begun to see imitators trying to create the environment that Trenchboxing provides. The different between the imitators and Trenchboxing is professionalism and passion.

My only advice for the owners of Trenchboxing would be to pick a weekly fight night. Trenchboxing is something that can get old fast if you over-saturate the supply. Pick one night out of the week as the reoccurring fight night, spend the whole week promoting, and make Trenchboxing a cultural norm. If they don’t do that I can see the Trenchboxing trend getting old in a few months. I would also look into live streaming the event on a private domain. I’m honestly surprised at how fast Trenchboxing transformed from garage fights to an actual ring. I’m excited to see where they go with this!


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