On Her Way! New Orleans Rapper CeeFineAss Creeping Story Pt. 1 Is A Hit!

CeeFineAss is rapper from New Orleans and she’s going to the top fast!

Cee has been making so many strides since the last time we have written an article about her. She’s dropped the official video for “Payback”, as well as a video for her single “Mirror Mirror”.

Yesterday she released a small clip of her and hip hop star Moneybagg Yo! We recently started seeing Jay Rebel Music attached to her released as well as INgrooves! This is a great look for Cee as it looks like she has landed a deal.

I am excited to see what else she has in store. Every video that she has released has been A1 across the boards. Her most recent video “Creeping Story Part 1” is a must-watch! This is an exciting time for New Orleans music and we’ll keep you posted on her progress!


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