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“Jamm Around” A New Music Connections App Launched Private Beta Testing Last Month.

NEW ORLEANS–(NEWTRAL GROUNDZ)– An all-new music app created in New Orleans called Jamm Around is currently in private beta.

Jamm Around is a music-focused application designed for artist discovery, music service marketing, and community building. In order to use the app, you have to be a recording artist, producer, or instrumentalist.

Developed in New Orleans, the app serves as a solution for artists to collaborate and manage their music connections in one place. Jamm Around opened their beta serves in late February and users have been migrating to the new app.

Jamm Around Private Beta allows users to:

  • Discover music artists to network and collaborate
  • Discover Producers to buy or lease beats from
  • Find Audio Engineers to mix & master or record with
  • Discover artists in other markets to expand your audience
  • Connect with songwriters to construct the perfect record

The music industry has taken a major hit since COVID-19. This app serves as an option for artists who want to find new opportunities and offset their performance income losses with service-based alternatives. Jamm Around will also give an opportunity for artists to meet and work remotely creating a safer environment for music creation. Music artists from around the world are signing up. This can be a major tech move for New Orleans. If you want to apply for their private beta fill out the survey linked here.


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