A candid conversation with Mr. Tony

This weekend, Newtralgroundz was able to catch up with Mr. Tony. He gave us a more candid perspective on his experiences professionally. “I know rapping is probably one of the hardest professions to do coming from the City. Luckily I’ve seen both sides of the table which has really taught me how to move and navigate these waters.” The wisdom that he’s gained has evolved him in a way that allows him to better pursue his goals. “So now when I get the power myself, I’ll know what I need to do to put the City where it should be.”

Mr. Tony has experienced much in his journey. He opened up about what he learned during his career. “Honestly, I feel like my momentum was a lot heavier when I was younger. As time went on I had to start taking a back seat to learn more about the ends and outs of the business.”

He told us that the main key to him is consistency. “…as long as I keep doing what I love and remain consistent, my people will eventually catch up…” Mr. Tony is excited to collaborate with local producers around the city. “Oh and shoutout to the producers from the city too, I need a malikninetyfive beast ASAP.” There is an air of anticipation coming from this came. The city is definitely becoming more interested in what he has been creating.

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