AllTheRavee sits down with “Bad Apples” Brand just before Teacher’s Appreciation Week Comes to a Close

To celebrate Teacher’s Appreciation Week, “Bad Apples” hosted a Pop Up Shop that featured Teacher Owned Businesses. 

Bad Apples is a teaching apparel company that caters to the needs of teachers in the classroom, founded by Nola Native Jasmine Roussell. 

Bad Apples came about as teachers begin entering the field at a much younger age, with a lot more “spunk/jazzy” vibes. This brand gives educators a variety of styles to choose from which are cute, comfortable and functional for styles that are affordable. 

Roussell gives us her spill, “Bad Apples is an extension of my love of being in the classroom and wanting to be trendy, comfortable, and functional while on the job. Bad Apples launched a few weeks before we were quarantined for COVID-19. I was a nervous wreck because whyy would teachers purchase clothes if we’re teaching virtually? Thankfully, teachers still supported along with a bunch of other people who just loved the clothes.”

We were able to have a Q&A session with Jasmine and her brand, getting an authentic vibe from the teacher life. 

ALLTHERAVEE: How important are teachers in the development of the youth?

Bad Apples: One thing 99% of people have in common is being taught by a teacher. While teachers don’t make millions of dollars, we “make” doctors, lawyers, athletes, politicians, presidents, etc. Good teachers are a major part in the development of young people being that they spend  their most impressionable stages in life with teachers. Teachers are sometimes the determining factor of what type of adult a child will become based on the relationship created and the teachers ability to provide the support that the student may lack at home or what society fails to instill in them. 

ALLTHERAVEE: Do you believe teachers get enough credit?

Bad Apples: No way. Teachers are some of the most overworked, underpaid, and under credited people that I know. As a teacher, you become a parent to 30+ kids (at one time), a doctor, a social worker, a magician, and psychologist, etc. Teaching reminds me of that nursery rhyme about the lady in the shoe with all the kids and she didn’t know what to do with them- EXCEPT, we know what to do and we’re good at it. The Bad Apples are. 

Moving forward, Bad Apples wants to continue to give teachers the chance to look great in the classroom especially on days they don’t feel the best. Bad Apples is all looking to spotlight and support teachers who are doing amazing things outside of the classroom. 

We love seeing our NOLA Native proper and Bad Apples is definitely out here shining! Support, Support, Support!!! 

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