Space looks to make a splash in rap scene

Space feels like there is a void in the local rap community that he was born to fill.

Newtralgroundz got the opportunity to have a conversation with new Nola rapper, Space. When asked about his inspirations, Space gave personal insight. The up-in-coming artist talked about what made him choose this career path. “NWA express yourself music video inspired me to get into rap.” Space also chose a simple, yet powerful way to describe the influences for his art, crediting life in its entirety. “…and life itself influence my art as you can hear I’m not telling any lies.”

Space has plans to use his music to address larger issues. The negative interactions in the streets have impacted the hip hop music culture in a way that Space would like to see changed. “The message I hope people get from my music is that it can be done without destroying your own people with violence.”

With his art, he believes that he can bring a level of attention to this region. “1 of my overall goals as an artist is to put New Orleans on the map like no other ever did.” Check out his new single “The Best” below:


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