New Orleans Filmmaker Tyris Mcknight Is Premiering His Film “Low Hanging Fruit” At The National WWII Museum Next Month!

Tyris Mcknight is about to premiere his new film at the WWII Museum!

New Orleans is a breeding ground for films. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of local black men in the industry. This is why I love to see our brothers creating and distributing their movies independently!

Tyris decided to produce his own film and sell tickets to the community. This is a good idea for multiple reasons. The first is that Tyris is going to maintain full ownership of his intellectual property by releasing independently. He also is stepping into a lane that most people haven’t in this city. This is a great chance to support something real and from home.

The tickets are $30 and our team will be there! If you want to join us the link to purchase can be found here.


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