The Save Our Soul Coalition To Hold Peace & Culture Event At Armstrong Park

The Save Our Soul Coalition (SOS) (@saveoursoulnola), the entity that led the charge to stop the effort to move a new City Hall into the Municipal Auditorium, is hosting a public meeting on Sunday, April 3, 2022, 3:00 pm at Louis Armstrong Park to update the community at large about the findings and results of the surveys and community engagement sessions that were conducted in late summer and early fall.  

We heard what the people said and what they wished to see take place and flourish in the park.  They also agreed that there should be no City Hall, and no municipal or business offices in the Municipal Auditorium.  We took their wishes seriously and wanted to take this opportunity to let them know how much of an impact they made. In fact, they stopped the move.  

SOS is also greatly concerned about the increased crime and violence that has beseeched our city.  Crime and violence affect all of us in many ways whether we are direct victims or not.  Quality of life is compromised.  People are afraid to go out to cultural events and activities and tourists do not travel to our beautiful city.  If there is no peace there is no culture.

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