What’s AllTheRavee about Sheba Songz from Q93?

@AllTheRavee will tell you who/what’s “raving” in the city!

If you’ve ever listened to Q93, I’m sure you’re familiar with the infamous saying “Yaasssssss” from radio host, Sheba Songz! The I Heart Media Personnel and New Orleans native has made a great impact in showcasing her #BlackGirlMagic in the city of New Orleans!  

Sheba got her start at IHeartRadio (Q93) as an intern and immediately worked her way up the ladder as she was destined for greatness. Songz began working in several different areas before her big break: as the front desk assistant, promotions assistant and working in traffic. Then, she finally made it to programming where she started working as a Board Operator of Radio Personality. 

BOOM, just like that Sheba Songz became one of the most popular voices on NOLA radio! “I remember being on air Mondays 12am-3am when no one listened, then I became the on air personality that took over weekends. The station saw how involved I was with local artists and decided to have me as the host of our Nola Next.. then before you knew it, I was the voice of many local artists. I was happy with that”, said Songz.

Following in the footsteps of many legendary radio personalities in the city -such as Uptown Angela and Wild Wayne- can be very unpromising and hard at times. Therefore, Songz made sure to leave her impact by adding a unique twist to her name and brand. Songz went on to say, “I got tired of hearing NO in my career, so I said “Yasssss” in my head and it came out every time I spoke on the radio. Before I knew it the whole city was saying yassssssss”.

That’s what you call never giving up! Songz didn’t look back. She wanted to keep going higher and pursue her goal of being the voice for entertainers/artists by writing music for them. She explained that, “I wanted to step my brand up, I wanted to see how far I can go with myself, and I wanted to get out my comfort zone, so I relocated to Los Angeles, California”. 

Her brand is now prospering as a media Correspondent for various media outlets in Los Angeles. She has also hired a PR team who will help attach her brand to other brands. 

It’s only been a month since her move to LA and Songz has already had her first writing session with Grammy songwriters on the hills. She has also got a chance to to work with ASCAP, a membership association of more than 725,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers. Wow! Sheba Songz is definitely “raving” – from NOLA to LA, keep going higher girl! 

NOLA is rooting for you, yaaassssss!

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