AYO WHO IS CYPH? Cyph, aka Jameel Na’im X: Hands Down One of the Most Consistent Artists in New Orleans


Eastside, New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans East, still in a detrimental state from Hurricane Katrina, is where New Orleans artist Jameel Naim X comes from.

What initially prompted this article was my evening stroll through Instagram. I scrolled past Cyph’s Instagram post, quoting “New Album Out Now, Everywhere.” Having to do a double-take, I couldn’t believe that he had just dropped a new album. It feels like yesterday that I was just at his album release party for his newest album _______, which was released on ________.


He doesn’t look for attention – just works hard

Would probably already be out of the city if he cared more about clout and popularity.

Works hard for his family, stays to himself but brings sooo much music to the game

New Orleans is more about rap, he is a true hip hop artist

His aesthetic is REAL, REAL. And not internet real. Everything he does and says is a good portrayal of himself.

It just feels like I’m listening to one of the greats when I turn anything on by him. I can just let any of his albums run.

His last album was hands down one of his best. Mainly because he changed up his style on so many of his tracks (still staying true to himself of course), but they still sounded like him.

Kingikeem, on the same level, is his partner in crime.

Feature the video “RAWANDA” with KingiKeem and filmed by writers bloc. It’s one of the best videos.

Name some of his best albums – last one, Kartel, new one

He just recently had a kid and you can tell that is his life, but he’s really the real deal..with all his focus on his family, that boy just nonchalantly threw out a new album. No promo. Just here it is.

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