Is New Orleans Worse Off with C-Murder Behind Bars? [Video]

‘Let the Hood Talk’ Video takes us to the Calliope Projects to talk all things C-Murder

C-Murder: Real, Passionate, Respected

Host Ameer Baraka of the “Let the Hood Talk” video series takes us to the Calliope Projects in his latest Episode to talk all things C-Murder. Also from the Calliope Projects, Baraka interviews several people from the 3rd ward community and asks them to give their thoughts on growing up with C-Murder. The video ranges in topics from his positive impact on the city, his tight-knit family, to the kind of person they saw C-Murder as.

The video contains some vintage footage of times when “basketball is what was important,” says an old friend of C-Murders. Most notably, the majority of people spoke highlighly of C-Murder’s willingness to give back to the hood, even after fame. Whether it be the children or the elderly, he was never afraid to provide for his community. For instance, before taking any kind of action, he would ask the kids what they wanted, rather than just taking the reins.

What most seem to remember about C-Murder was how much he loved the children that came from not only the Calliope Projects, but in general. For instance, C-Murder developed an after-school program for kids, would return every Christmas to hand out turkey, provided school supplies to schools and churches. Most importantly, together with his brother Master P, they were able to provide funds to keep an elementary school open. 

“He would always come down and play ball with the kids, shoot pool with the kids, take pictures with the kids,” says one lady.

Looks like when it comes to kindness, the apple doesn’t fall from from the family tree. Like his brother Master P, it’s clear that C-Murder never lost his passion for putting others before himself.

Claiming his innocence to date, C-Murder is currently serving a sentence for murder. Even with the recent recanting of two key witnesses, you can’t help but wonder what more it will take to free C-Murder. Additionally, you can’t help but ask yourself if the city is suppressing itself from a man that will ultimately do more good than harm for its communities.

Be sure to check out the full episode on C-Murder below, brought to you by ‘Let the Hood Talk’.

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