B Heims Is One of New Orleans’ Best Kept Secrets!

You never know what you’re going to find in New Orleans when looking for new artists.

B Heims has been putting in so much work this year that he has to be recognized. What stands out about B Heims is the raw hip hop style that he presents in his raps. Nowadays I feel like hip hop has been diluted with too many vocals. Sometimes I just want to hear bars, wordplay, and metaphors wrapped into an original flow. That’s what you get when you press play on B Heims.

B Heims New Video – Kangol

One thing that I noticed bout him is his work ethic and understanding of how the music game works. He built a reputable team with his best interest at heart before diving into his career professionally. THI Records is a local brand built around B Heims that focuses on music distribution and publishing.

My advice to new artists would be to get a solid team that believes in you. People try to do things themselves without understanding the business and fall short. This is a great example of what real talent and a real team looks like!

Check out his new video for Kangol above and subscribe to his channel!


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