New Orleans Singer Brandon Tarell Has A Promising Future In Music. (Interview)

New Orleans has such a wide array of talent that it’s easy to overlook quality artists like Brandon Tarell. He’s definitely someone that you should have on your playlist.

One thing that we love doing at Newtral Groundz is exposing our audience to new talent. New Orleans doesn’t have a distinct sound. Like our culture, New Orleans is a melting pot of different sounds that make up our identity. This is why we like Brandon Tarell so much as an artist! His sound is authentic and comes from years of working and studying legendary artists.

Brandon has a classic R&B vibe that I personally feel we are missing in today’s music scene. His video “Only You” provides a perfect example of his smooth sound and eye for quality. What sets Brandon a part is his incredible song writing skills and natural vocals. You can tell by the music that he has been working on his craft for a long time.

Brandon Tarell Only You Official Video

We caught up with Brandon for a quick interview where he gave us some insight on how he got started and where he stands in 2020 with his music career.

Newtral Groundz: How long have you been creating music?

 Brandon: I started creating early in high school, around 2007, writing songs in the gym of McDonogh 35.  Ironically, I hadn’t started singing until a few years prior around 2003.  I didn’t record or perform any music until after I got back from Paris, France after doing a musical in 2010.

Newtral Groundz: Who are some of your biggest influences from New Orleans?

Brandon: One of my biggest homegrown influences is Luke James. I remember his days of being in a local group called Upskale. I watched his growth closely over the years, from having a single called ‘My Turn’ as a member of the group Luke n Q to releasing his first solo mixtape in 2011 to more recently landing leading roles in The New Edition Story and Star on Fox. Everyone’s path to success is different, but seeing someone from the same city as me (in the same profession) accomplish their goals is very motivating. 

Newtral Groundz: Do you have any new projects coming up?

Brandon: There will definitely be new music in the near future, possibly a joint project with another dope singer. I’ve been expanding my creative skills as far as production as well. However, at the moment I’m focused on making sure Volume II gets the attention it deserves from myself and my team.

Newtral Groundz: If you could offer a piece of advice to yourself 10 years ago what would you say?

Brandon: If I could offer my younger self any advice, I’d just say to keep going. I’m a firm believer that everything happens when it’s supposed to, and I wouldn’t change or take away any of the valuable lessons I’ve been taught through experience over time.

We are excited to see how his career develops and encourage you to follow him on his journey. You can follow him below!




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