RC International’s New Video For Direct Deposit Is a Gift To His Niece For Her Birthday!

With all the negativity going around it’s refreshing to see some positive news!

RC International is a rapper from New Orleans who doesn’t get enough credit for his sound and talent. This is why today we are pleased to announce the release of his “Direct Deposit” visual.

When I first saw the visual it was so easy to relate to the message. He’s a family man and does not mind showing them off to the world. After watching the video he mentioned how this was a gift for his niece (the girl featured in the video) and that really spoke to me. Often times in music we tend to glorify things that society pushes on us. We have so many stories and experiences worth putting in music but don’t because we try to stick to trending subject matter.

This video is the perfect example of being true to yourself and using music as a tool to inspire the future generations. I applaud RC International for this project and encourage all of you to tap in!

Let us know what you think in the comments and follow RC International for updates.


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