New Orleans Rapper Cam Gotti Drops Project While on Deployment! Respect the Grind!

Cam Gotti has been serving our country and still had the drive to put out “Military Minded” in the process!

Some things you have no choice but respect! Cam Gotti has been serving our country for some time and now he’s ready to show us another side of himself! This reminds me of when Mystikal first came home after serving time in the military. He signed with Big Boy Records and things took off from there!

Cam also offers us a sense of nostalgia by choosing a cover art with classic New Orleans roots. We are all used to the military theme that New Orleans has adopted over the years. This is the look and feel that I’m used to when I think of our sound and I’m glad Cam is preserving it through his music.

If you have a second today check out the young soldier’s new project and give us some feedback! It’s always appreciated.


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