Sir John brings positivity to NOLA rap scene

The message that I hope to say with my music is that “Nobody can be a real gangster without God in their life.”

Local recording artist Sir John is bringing a message of humility and selflessness to the NOLA rap scene. He was inspired to get into rap music because he feels like God gave him an ear for music. Sir John says that music is a way to use his talents to reach others and create financial opportunities for friends and family.

Sir John was clear that the purpose of his music is bigger than the music itself. The overall goal of his music is to “…impress the judge.” The powerful message in his art is heard in his lyrics. “You see how contestants go on shows like “The Voice” to try to impress the judges? They can only win the contest if they impress the judges…this is the way everyone should try to impress God almighty because he is our judge…” You can check out his video below.

It is evident that the hardships that Sir John experienced provided motivation for his art. He wants to use his experiences to influence others to see the world differently. “I seek to reroute people headed in the wrong direction by making them realize that being an h.i.p. person means being “happy and intelligent person”

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