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Dr. Lana Joseph’s “1st Impressions” Interview Series Starts Production in New Orleans!

NEW ORLEANS—- Dr. Lana Joseph is a veteran Audiologist responsible for Drake’s audio/in-ear system. She is the Founder and CEO of High-Level Speech & Hearing Center in New Orleans and a servant of the community.

This week we managed to catch up with Dr. Joseph during the first round of filming for her new audio-themed web show “1st Impressions”. 1st Impressions is a show produced by Rich N Spirit Productions that highlights the careers of prominent entertainers and musicians while providing them with ear health education and solutions. The pilot season features prominent figures in the New Orleans entertainment industry like Raj Smoove, Joshua Starkman, Denisia, and Irvin Mayfield.

What I found most interesting about the show was the segment where Dr. Joseph used her fancy audio equipment to create a 3D rendering of the insides of her guests ears. I love that Dr. J is using technology in her practice! Showing us things like that makes learning about audio more interesting.

This show has a ton of potential. We are so used to visual stimuli that we often neglect the auditory senses which can lead to poor ear health or loss of hearing. It’s important that we tune into programs like this so that we can get a better understanding of hearing health.

I’m going to post a gallery of behind-the-scenes photos for you to check out the set! Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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