New Orleans Recording Artist Carey Releases His First Solo Single And Music Video Called “Falling Apart”

New Orleans artist Carey (@Careyab5) has released his first solo single and accompanying music video, entitled “Falling Apart.” The single, which showcases Carey’s unique blend of R&B and hip-hop, is a powerful and emotional track that delves into the theme of heartbreak and the struggles of holding on to a relationship that is falling apart.

The music video, directed and shot by local videographer @Heshooting, perfectly captures the raw emotions conveyed in the song. The visuals, are visually stunning, and the use of color and lighting effectively conveys the melancholic mood of the song.

Carey’s powerful vocals, combined with the emotive lyrics, make “Falling Apart” a track that is sure to resonate with listeners. The song’s relatable theme and relatable lyrics make it easy for listeners to connect with Carey’s message and feel the pain he expresses in the song.

Overall, Carey’s “Falling Apart” is a must-listen for fans of R&B and hip-hop. The single and music video are a powerful debut for the artist, and it’s clear that Carey has a bright future ahead. Fans can look forward to more great music from Carey, and we cannot wait to see what he has in store next.


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