Lil Soulja Slim’s New Video for Gangsta B*tch Is Taking Off!

This is one of my favorite songs by Lil Soulja Slim.

Lil Slim has been rapping for some time now. He has been holding his family legacy high while connecting with new artists from other places. I had the pleasure of filming his latest video for Gangsta B*tch starring New Orleans personality Wild Trill and we had a great time. We traveled to Destin, FL where some friends arrange the location and cars used in the video.’

We managed to complete the entire video in a one day trip. We didn’t make it back to New Orleans until around 3am. Thankfully TJ The Bodyguard had driven us to make ensuring that we were able to rest on the way home.

The video officially released last week via our YouTube channel. It’s being well received and I have personally received personal compliments about the song and video.

If you haven’t checked out the visual I will link it below!

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