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New Orleans Business Owner Greg Tillery Donates Entire Inventory To Coronavirus Frontline Workers. (Watch)

We Dat Chicken Founder Greg Tillery made a huge announcement on his Instagram yesterday.

We are living in trying times. The Covid-19 pandemic is growing, and we weren’t prepared for it. There have been so many people affected by this in so many different ways that it’s hard to comprehend. Here in New Orleans, we are trying to keep a positive spirit about things but our current state isn’t making it easy.

Not only are people dying from this virus, but businesses are also suffering as well. Many of my close friends and family lost their jobs due to the sudden halt in tourism. Tourism is the backbone of the New Orleans economy. Natives build their lives around careers in the service and hospitality industries. People are losing their jobs and business owners are doing whatever they can to weather the storm while helping the community that supported them.


Greg Tillery is the Founder and CEO of We Dat’s Chicken & Shrimp. He announced on the official company Instagram that they would be closing indefinitely until things get back to normal. While this was a very heartfelt message we wondered why he was cooking chicken in the background while saying that he’s closed. He followed his statement by mentioning what he was going to do with all of the inventory he prepared to sell. Tillery said that the leftover inventory is going to be donated to the frontline workers across New Orleans who have been assisting us through this disaster.

Watch the clip via his Instagram below.

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